Buganda Royal Regatta

Our Theme 2023

“Sailing to good Health and a safe environment”


Leading the way

Eng. Ben Misagga and Muky. Faridah Nakazibwe leading the committee. Their passion and dedication drive the Buganda Royal Regatta to new heights of cultural celebration and sporting achievement."

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"Our mission at the Buganda Royal Regatta is to promote the spirit of competition, love, and unity among the people of Buganda. Through the exhilarating art of regatta racing, we aim to celebrate our vibrant cultural heritage, foster camaraderie, and create lasting connections that transcend boundaries. We are dedicated to organizing exceptional regatta events that showcase the skill and athleticism of our participants, while preserving and revitalizing our rich traditions. Together, we navigate the waters of unity, guided by the wisdom of our ancestors, to create an extraordinary regatta experience that inspires pride, joy, and a sense of community."



Witness the true essence of Buganda's regatta heritage as teams from all 18 counties come together in a display of skill, passion, and unity. From the rolling hills of Kyaggwe to the lush landscapes of Busiro, each county brings its distinct flair to the competitions. The Buganda Royal Regatta serves as a celebration of diversity, where participants proudly represent their respective counties, forging a bond that transcends boundaries. Join us in supporting these exceptional teams as they compete for glory on the vibrant waters, embodying the rich tapestry of Buganda's regatta traditions.

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We work with pleasure to bring everything to speed and to keep the Buganda Royal Regatta competitions Hot and inspiring.

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Lift the Spirit

We invite you, the proud people of Buganda, to join us in a grand celebration of unity and sporting excellence at the Buganda Royal Regatta. As we gather to witness the exhilarating races and cultural festivities, your presence and support will uplift the spirits of our remarkable athletes. Whether you are a participant, a passionate supporter, or an eager spectator, your involvement will inspire and empower our regatta community. Let us come together, shoulder to shoulder, to cheer on our teams, forge unforgettable memories, and strengthen the bonds that unite us as the people of Buganda. Join us and be a part of this extraordinary event – together, we will make history.

“Lift the Spirit and Be a Part of History of Buganda Kingdom!


"As the Chairman of the Buganda Royal Regatta, it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to this magnificent celebration of competition, culture, and unity on the vibrant waters of Uganda. We gather here to witness the prowess of athletes, embrace the rich heritage of Buganda, and foster lasting connections that transcend boundaries. Together, let us embark on a remarkable journey of spirited competition, where the strength of our traditions and the passion of our participants converge to create an unforgettable regatta experience. Join us as we navigate the waters of unity, guided by the wisdom of our ancestors, and celebrate the extraordinary spirit that defines the Buganda Royal Regatta."
Eng.Ben Misagga


Who are the events for?

The competitions are for the people of Buganda and Uganda as a country. All are invited to attende the Buganda Royal Regatta competitions.

Who can participate?

Teams from Buganda’s counties compete with skill, passion, and cultural pride. Join us for exhilarating races that celebrate diversity and unity at the Buganda Royal Regatta.

When are competitions Held?

Competitions shall be running every year with finals held once to declare the winner. This shall be between the month of July-November every year.

What will the winners get?

Winnsers shall receive recognition from the Kabaka of Buganda who shall hand them their award of victory every year.

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